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Our Chefs

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chef1Savang came to New Zealand in 1988 as a chef for Chang Thong Thai Restaurant (has now become Red Elephant under new owner and management).
Prior to his arrival in Auckland, Mr.Savang had cooked in many well-recognised hotels in Thailand for six years (starting 1982), including Nipa Lodge, Asia Hotel, etc. Since then it has been almost twenty years that Mr. Savang's experience as a chef has been continuing in various Thai restaurants in Auckland, including Chang Thong (Golden Elephant), Mai Thai, and Red Elephant. Savang is one of the most respected and leading figures in the Thai chef community in Auckland. Many Thai chefs in New Zealand have experienced being trained by Savang at least 2 years.chef2
Although Savang duty is to make sure that all Thai dishes are authentic, some special dishes are perfectly made for Kiwis by integrating his several years experience from different Italian Restaurants in New Zealand into Thai cuisine. Lamb rack with garlic pepper sauce is a sensational dish of Savang demonstrated by Connie Clarkson in "Cooking with Connie" on 3NEWS.
In addition to Savang, other chefs such as Wanchai and Preecha are also highly qualified. They had extensive experiences in several four to five star hotels in Thailand such as Asia, Dusit, and Hyatt. Our chefs are capable of not only cooking, but also decorating all dishes to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the taste and look. Particularly, Preecha, who has more than 25 year cooking experiences (similar to Savang) is a prominent figure in ice carving. He had done many ice carvings when he worked for Asia Hotel (Pattaya) in Thailand. His ice carvings have already been presented two times since he arrived New Zealand for the Thai Village in January 2010, including Valentine Day and Wedding Party (July 2010).

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