Thai Village Restaurant, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand - FAQ

Thai Village Restaurant 10/415 Remuera Rd., Remuera, Auckland. Tel/Fax. +64(0)9 523 3005


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  • Where is Thai Village Restaurant located ?

    Ans. We are located at 10/415 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland (in the Village Green) just behind Westpac Bank in Remuera Hight St Shopping area. If you drive from Newmarket, please turn right at Clonbern Road and then turn left immediately (Service Lane in front of New World Supermarket Carpark).
  • I heard that many Thai dishes are very spicy. Is there any recommendation for those who are incapable of eating spicy food ?

    Ans. Many Thais can eat spicy food doesn't mean that Thai food is always spicy. In fact, every dish in our restaurant can be made depending upon your requirements (Mild, Medium, and Hot).
  • Is your restaurant BYO ?

    Ans. Yes, our restaurant is Fully Licensed and BYO. However, please note that BYO is applicable for WINE only. The corkage charge is $7.50 per bottle.
  • Does the main course that I just ordered come with rice ?

    Ans. No, it doesn't. You have to order the rice separately. It costs $2.50 per person.
  • Can we have a big group dining at your restaurant ?

    Ans. Yes, you can absolutely. We used to host a big group dining of more than 100 people many times. However, if you would like to have a big group dining at our restaurant, please make sure that you confirm us as soon as possible. For a medium-sized to a large-sized group dining (more than 10 people), we encourage you to choose our banquet menus, since all people in your group will get their orders at the same time. Our banquet menus are very popular and often in preference for group diners.
  • Can I buy gift vouchers from your restaurant? I would like to share this wonderful experience with my friends and relatives.

    Ans. Yes, you can. There are four types of vouchers by value: 1) Bronze ($50); 2) Silver ($75); 3) Gold ($100); and 4) Platinum ($150). Please have a look at our voucher page for more details.