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  • Dessert

    S1. Ice Cream (Vanilla|Coconut|Chocolate|Strawberry) $10.50

    Our selection of yummy ice cream flavors with handcrafted fresh fruits.

    S2. Lychee with Ice Cream$10.50

    Delicious coconut ice cream served with lychee.

    S3. Sorbets (Mango|Lychee Lemongrass) $11.50

    Our selection of Thai flavoured sorbets with handcrafted fresh fruits.

    S4. Creme Brulee $11.50

    A rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.

    S5. Hot Banana $11.50

    Hot banana fritters with delicious coconut ice cream.
    It has been one of our customer most requested desserts since we opened the restaurant in 1996.

    S6. Chocolate Revenge $11.50

    A chocolate sponge base topped with chocolate ice cream zabaione ice cream with a brandy
    chocolate centre. Almond sprinkle on top.

    S7. Bella Cassata $11.50

    Handcrafted ice cream with fruits and a touch of rum.

    S8. The Sunset $11.50

    A perfect combination between mango sorbet and young coconut with sago.

    S9. Apple Pie Gelatos (Low Fat) $11.50

    Ginelli's 2002 & 2005 Gold, 2003 Silver Award. Based on authentic Italian recipes and
    natural ingredients. Tastes just like a warm apple pie.

    S10. East Meets West (Low Fat) $11.50

    Sticky rice with traditional Thai custard served with delicious coconut ice cream.
    Another perfect combination between Eastern and Western dessert.

    S11. Rainforest $14.50

    Delicious coconut ice cream served with our selection of delicately handcrafted fresh fruits.
    The proudest dessert of our head chef, Savang Kumjumpol.

    S12. Lychee Lover (18+ Only) $15.50

    Luxurious lychee lemongrass sorbet from Ginellis served with lychee liqueur and diced lychee.

  • Dessert Wine

    • Church Road Reserve Hawke's Bay Noble Semillon $48.00

    • Ngatarawa Late Harvest Riesling, Hawke's Bay $8.00 | $30.00

  • Cognac

    • Hennessy VS $9.00

    • Hennessey VSOP $12.00

    • Hennessy XO $21.00

  • Port

    • Taylor’s 10 Years Old Tawny $12.00 | $80.00

    • Sandeman 10-Year Old Tawny Port $7.00 | $52.00

  • Special Coffee

    • With choice from following liqueurs $9.50

    Galliano | Baileys | Cointreau | Tia Maria | Sambucca | Irish Whiskey | Amurula Drambuie
    Grand Marnier | Kahlua | Frangelico | Black Sambucca | Brandy | Benedictine

  • Coffee

    • Espresso (Long or Short) | Cappuccino | Flat White $4.00

    • Moccacino|Latté|Chai Latté $4.50

    • Hot Chocolate $4.50

    • Tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast) $3.50

    • Herbal Tea (Chamomile, Green, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Mint) $3.00